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According to Denver Business Journal, Colorado ranks on the top 10 list of the fastest growing states in the nation. As the article explains, Colorado is 2nd in the rankings behind Florida. Denver, specifically, is one of the top 10 Cities to live in in the United States, considering population and salary, as stated by Business Insider  and US News . So many people are moving to Denver, which had me asking why? Here are some reasons why people are moving to Colorado:

1. Population growth means people are following friends and family.

2. People get paid well in Colorado: Denver offers the #8 best average annual salary of $54,4503.

3. It’s easier to find a job in Colorado because Denver is the #12 best City in the nation for job growth.

4. The sun is bright and shining. In fact, Colorado boasts three cities in the top 170 sunniest cities in the US.

5. The outdoor life attracts newcomers. In fact, Colorado offers 42 State Parks, 12 national parks and monuments, 13 national forests and grasslands, 58 14ers, and thousands of miles of hiking.

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Colorado Come to Life: https://www.colorado.com/activities/colorado-hiking

-Lilly Murphy
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Drinking water is becoming a limited resource in Colorado with the growing population. Douglas County municipalities have put water restrictions in place in order to aid with the growing population and water demand. In 2012, construction of the Rueter-Hess Reservoir was completed to provide safe, clean drinking water for the residents in Douglas County. This project has solved the long-term water shortage problem. With the large amount of open space surrounding the reservoir, municipalities in Douglas County have partnered to find a way for residents to enjoy recreational activities in the area by developing a Recreation Master Plan. These municipalities include the City of Lone Tree, City of Castle Pines, Town of Castle Rock, Town of Parker, Parker Water and Sanitation District, and Douglas County. These recreational opportunities include hiking, fishing, kayaking, and much more! Click here for more information regarding the Recreation Master Plan for the Rueter-Hess Reservoir.

-Lorraine Alff, EIT
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As engineers, we’re asked to find solutions - to easy problems, to complex problems, to singular problems, to multi-faceted problems. And as engineers, problem-solving is what we enjoy. We’re natural puzzle-piecers, and we like to think analytically, strategically, and critically to find the best course of action for resolving an issue.

However, as Veritasium would testify, it is important not to get bogged down in the question and to think about problem-solving from more than one angle. Take, for example, a site that combines rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention, and rain gardens to offset impervious surface while at the same time feeding landscaping and operating toilets and maintenance water functions Wounder Warrior Campus .

Or, a porous pavement system that combines sandy soils and porous pavers with an underground pipe system to de-flood a critical intersection while simultaneously adding character to a downtown block Derby. It is important to remember that not all problems are fitted to the same solution and that while there are simple problems with simple solutions, there are also simple problems with unique solutions.

This Veritasium video, titled "Can You Solve This?” demonstrates this principle perfectly. Check it out. Can you solve the problem? And remember, when you call an engineer to design a solution, call an engineer who will take the time to find the right answer, not just the easiest answer.

Emily Murphy, CPSM, MA
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In a 24-hour day, we probably spend an average of 4 hours on “us”. The rest of the day consists on getting to work, being at work, and getting home from work. Because of that harsh reality, it’s important that your workplace feeds your wellbeing. After all, you spend more time there than you do elsewhere.

As a small engineering firm, our days are long and detail oriented. Our hours are billable and it’s easy for an employee to feel like their worth only equates to the number of hours they billed that day. Everyone tends to eat lunch at their desk to get more work done and it’s hard to pull employees away for a meeting (let alone to have fun).

Henry Albrecht, the CEO of Limeade wrote an awesome article called “Watch What Happens When You Invest in Employee Wellness.”  Henry says “HR wants to know what these programs can do for employees and how they can inspire and align the workplace. They want to know wellness isn’t just another benefit employees will never use.”

He points out the three true impacts of workplace wellness:

1. Brings teams together. “Fun social wellness challenges -- including everything from getting steps together to volunteering to holding innovation sessions -- can bring teams closer together, rally everyone around a common goal and improve workplace relationships.”

2. Fosters trust between employees and leaders. “In a survey of more than 800 full-time, U.S. employees conducted by Globoforce in November 2015, 47 percent said they don’t think their company leaders care about and actively try to create a human workplace. Workplace wellness programs help employees feel like their leaders and employer genuinely care about them. Investing in their health and well-being makes people feel valued and that goes a long way.”

3. Boosts morale and motivation. “Well-designed workplace wellness programs should reinforce the company mission and values at every turn, orienting newbies and reconnecting veterans in need of a boost. Promoting community charity walks, races and other events reminds employees that work is a community, not just a paycheck. Allowing employees time for volunteer activities of their choice fosters autonomy, renews a sense of purpose and provides a jolt of motivation.”

We (the marketing and HR teams) have a program at our firm called CAT (Calibre Appreciation and Teambuilding). We use this program to bring the 3 previously listed points into fruition. Each month we plan an event (that is completely paid for by the company) that allows our employees to have fun and hang out outside of the office setting. Sports events, happy hours, staff lunches, and office volunteer work are just a few of the events we plan.  A huge part of our company culture is family, so often we encourage our employees to bring their families to these outings.

2016 was the first year that CAT became a monthly program. In previous years, the program was much more sporadic and we did maybe 5 events a year. Per a survey, I sent out to the staff at the end of 2016, 100% of our staff felt that the program was beneficial in team bonding and boosting morale! I’ve watched the office environment change and grow into a more cohesive and enjoyable place to be.  As Henry said, “Programs that serve as a hub for everything Chief Human Resource Officers dream about -- volunteering, referrals, team building, culture and energy -- is the key to an inspired and aligned workforce.”

Article Link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/276190

-Danielle Lewis
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Check out the below video by Jason Porter on how to Import GIS Data into AutoCAD Civil 3D!

Food for thought:
1. What you don’t know will hurt you.
2. Ignorance is not bliss.
3. Lear to earn.
4. If you want to have more you have to become more.
5. Those who do not have clearly written goals in life are destined to work for someone who does.
6. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.
7. A problem is what you’ll have when you temporally lose sight of you goals.
8. What you think about you bring about.
9. Businesses don’t grow. People do.
10. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
11. Don’t give big trophies for small achievements.
12. Its hard to beat a person who never gives up.
13. If you coasting you’re going downhill.
14. None of the secrets of success will work unless you DO.
15. Start with a DREAM, and end with a GOAL in work clothes.
16. Your ability to ask a good question depends on your ability to listen.
17. If you’re nice to people, people are nice back.  Its not a complicated formula.
18. There are no shortcuts to the top.
19. You cant build a reputation on what you are going to do.
20. Learning has greater value when we share what we learn.
21. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… all play and no work makes Jack a poor boy.
22. Stop focusing on your current problems, focus on your current possibilities.
23. Learn to give flowers while someone is still living.
24. You achieve what you emphasize.
25. You cant do a good deal with a bad partner.
26. If you get better…  everything else gets better.
27. Happiness is an inside job.
28. The secret to you success is hidden in your daily routine.
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