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Check out the below video by Jason Porter on how to Import GIS Data into AutoCAD Civil 3D!

Food for thought:
1. What you don’t know will hurt you.
2. Ignorance is not bliss.
3. Lear to earn.
4. If you want to have more you have to become more.
5. Those who do not have clearly written goals in life are destined to work for someone who does.
6. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.
7. A problem is what you’ll have when you temporally lose sight of you goals.
8. What you think about you bring about.
9. Businesses don’t grow. People do.
10. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
11. Don’t give big trophies for small achievements.
12. Its hard to beat a person who never gives up.
13. If you coasting you’re going downhill.
14. None of the secrets of success will work unless you DO.
15. Start with a DREAM, and end with a GOAL in work clothes.
16. Your ability to ask a good question depends on your ability to listen.
17. If you’re nice to people, people are nice back.  Its not a complicated formula.
18. There are no shortcuts to the top.
19. You cant build a reputation on what you are going to do.
20. Learning has greater value when we share what we learn.
21. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… all play and no work makes Jack a poor boy.
22. Stop focusing on your current problems, focus on your current possibilities.
23. Learn to give flowers while someone is still living.
24. You achieve what you emphasize.
25. You cant do a good deal with a bad partner.
26. If you get better…  everything else gets better.
27. Happiness is an inside job.
28. The secret to you success is hidden in your daily routine.
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Refer to the attached IFC Appendix B-3 

Things you need to know before starting:
1.Construction Type
2.Square foot of each construction type
3.Stories of building (10 stories of higher puts you into high rise)
4.Sprinkler or not

For this example, we will use Type 1A construction at 12 stories high:

Fort this type of construction the calculations require only the 3 largest successive floors. They are floors 1,2,3.
1 = 91,500sf
2 = 85,000sf
3 = 85,000sf

This building will be equipped with sprinklers which Denver fire allows for a 50% reduction in total square footage number. Add the square footage up. 91,500 + 85,000 + 85,000 = 261,500. Apply the 50% reduction – 261,500/2 = 130,750

Now refer to table B105.1 in the IFC. This table says we need 4000 GPM and 4 fire hydrants. The fire flow block would need to look something like this to get fire signature on your site plans and utility plans.

Construction type:  1A – 3 constructive flood sq footage 261,500
Sprinkler equipped: Yes – 50% reduction = 130,750
Required Fire Flood: 4000 GPM
# Of Hydrants required: 4
Fire Signature:

For other types of construction, the calculations are different and you’ll need to refer to the IFC and the municipality you are working in to determine those calculations.


-Andrew Doll
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The Denver housing market has been a national topic on the rise and isn’t slowing down. As of October, 2016 Denver has placed 3rd in the 20 Cities analyzed in the Case-Shiller Index. John Rebchook of Denver Real Estate Watch discusses Denver’s housing market and touches topics such as home prices out-pacing inflation, sustainable appreciation, national overview and more.

Also, an interview with Lane Hornung, CEO of 8z Real Estate, in ‘Reading not believing, when it comes to real estate’ by John Rebchook. Lane and John discuss an important, yet sometimes dismissed, topic of not always believing what you read.




-Corey Petersen, E.I.T.
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As more and more data is being made available by FEMA, State Government and Local Governments, specifically high resolution topographic data; two dimensional modeling and requests for two dimensional modeling is becoming more and more prevalent.  

Currently there are numerous 2D models that are becoming more mainstream within the industry including Flo-2d, TuFlow, GeoHECRAS, River2d etc.  One of the newest programs to feature two dimensional modeling the is US Army Corps of Engineers program HEC-RAS.  The most recent edition now includes two dimensional modeling capabilities which can be coupled with the standard cross sectional one dimensional analysis.  

The following paper discusses the capabilities of HEC-RAS and provides some guidance on how to set up these projects:  http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/misc/files/ras/Combined_1D_and_2D_Modeling_with_HEC-RAS.pdf 

-Chris McFarland, PE, CFM
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200 years ago, no matter where you were on earth, you could look into the night sky and see one of the most beautiful sights one could ever behold - the universe. Trillions of massive burning spheres of gas laid out in front of you. Stars scattered in every direction stretching to infinity. It must have been very relaxing way for our ancestors to end the day. Staring up at the stars and knowing you are a small, insignificant, yet integral part of the universe. I imagine it to be a humbling and centering feeling.

Now days most of us look at our phones and computers before we go to bed. And if we do go outside and glance up we might be lucky to see the big dipper because we live in cities (like Denver) plagued with light pollution.

When I was in my sophomore year of college I was given a golden opportunity of going to Mongolia for a month to study earthquakes with my geophysics professor. Obviously, I couldn't pass up something like that and I went for it. Ended up being one of the top 3 things I’ve ever done in my life. But when I was out there, I was blown away by the pristine view of the stars every night. Although most of the people in the Mongolian countryside lived in huts and milked sheep and horses most of the day, they had something most Americans will never have; a perfect view of the stars.

Living in a busy town like Denver sometimes we can forget about the little things, like looking at the stars. And all those little things add up to being a healthy and well-rounded human. I encourage everyone to get out and try to see the universe; which is why I attached the two links below. Enjoy!

Dark Site Finder  is an interesting and interactive map displaying light pollution and darkness worldwide. Be sure to look at Colorado, the border between North and South Korea, and whatever else catches your eye. Plan out your next star gazing event near Denver or discover interesting patterns of civilizations.

This Vimeo video displays the different levels of light pollution and shows just how good the stars can look.

- Isiah Leyshon
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