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Natural Stream Corridors is becoming more and more the preferred method of restoration methods to be used on streams and rivers which have been eroded due to manmade influences or major flooding events.  Natural streams provide vegetation, habitat and water quality by allowing a river or stream to what the system would have historically done in the past.  Planning efforts for stream corridors should use Fluvial Geomorphology to classify the stream using any of the numerous methods which have been developed to assist with this effort.  This will assist the planner and designer to plan for future meandering of the river along with areas where you may see sediment deposition, transportation, or sediment loss.  One such classification system has been developed by Dave Rosgen whom has prepared handy charts for classification of the rivers as shown in the link below. 

Chris McFarland, PE, CFM
Project Engineer
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Looking for more educational opportunities to further you in the workplace? Next month, there will be a handful of events where you can do just that! If you’re interested in any, follow one of the links provided to find more details and sign up if necessary! On each website, you’ll find descriptions of each event, location, date, and cost (if any). In participating in these events, you’ll be able to gain knowledge in an area you’re interested in, make new connections, and get out of the office for a day!

• 3-Day NHI – Stream Stability and Scour at Highway Bridges (June 5-7)
• 2-Day HEC-RAS Sediment Transport Course (June 14-15)
• Annual Field Trip (June 14)

• Success: Why Value Outweighs Cost in Qualifications-based Selection – Presented by QBS Colorado Coalition (June 13th)
• Mountain Area Industry Reception MEET “N” GREET and DEVELOPER SHOWCASE (June 20th)
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When we think of leaders and those who are in positions of authority, we often think of words like powerful, focused, innovative. But what does it take to be an effective manager, and more generally, a good leader? Forbes has two articles which tackle this exact topic.

Oftentimes, I think we forget that being a leader is not just about being authoritative and having an inspiring presence; it is also about having empathy for your employees. According to the article, “How Important Is Empathy To Successful Management?” only 40% of front line leaders were “proficient or strong in empathy.” The ability to have empathy for your employees connects them not only to you personally, but also makes them feel heard and more connected to the company. It creates a positive work environment. Only “30% of employees feel fully engaged, with the remaining 70% functioning at some level of ‘going through the motions.’” Statistics like this are a reminder that many aren’t feeling heard, or feeling like a part of something. Read the two articles below to learn more about how to be an effective leader/manager, and how doing so can affect the workplace positively.

Lilly Murphy
Marketing Assistant
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A few weeks ago, I had the option to attend my first SMPS event. It was a mixer for new and prospective members and I would be going alone. When first asked if I wanted to partake in in the Society for Marketing Professional Services, it scared me. This would be something new; something I knew nothing about and people, tons and tons of people I didn’t know. So, I said yes. And when the invite to the mixer came up, I again thought about how scary going into a new environment with new people could be. And so… I said yes.

I left work early to get to the event in Lakewood on time. And though I got there on time, I sat in my car for about five minutes before going in. “How am I going to network with these people?” “What am I going to say?” “How am I going to introduce myself?” “I don’t even know what I’m talking about!” Despite all of those thoughts, I ambled into the event and a crowd of unfamiliar faces. I found my name tag, ordered a drink, and stood alone for a minute or two. Considered calling my mom to make myself look busy and not at all awkward.

And then finally, I walked up to a group of four and said, “I’m so sorry to interrupt but this is my first event. I’m Morgan.” Cue the onset of warm handshakes and kind smiles; stories of other members’ first events, and questions that led to getting to know one another.

Today, while thinking about what the subject of my blog post ought to be, I found an article titled, “9 questions the most interesting people ask to cut through small talk.” It briefly discussed the fears you may have while going into a networking event or a business lunch. And then, went on to discuss the ways in which you can combat those fears and make connections. While there is, of course, a list of questions to ask people, what stuck with me most was how we should show curiosity about someone’s story and then, listen to that someone with all of your being. I believe these things to be important in most settings; with most people, whether it’s work related or within your personal life.  We should always be asking curious questions and yearning to truly listen to what other people have to say. In doing so, we can make new connections and even, new friendships.

So, here’s to the next business lunch, networking event, social gathering, or happy hour. Strike up conversations. Ask curious questions. Network. Get to know people. Oh… and don’t call your mom when you want to look busy and go introduce yourself to some complete strangers, instead.

Morgan Armijo
Marketing & Office Assistant
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A headline caught my eye the other day while I was looking through the internet. It read, “Most people stop reading after college and 19 other things no one tells you about growing up”. I clicked on it because just last week, I had to force myself to set aside my electronic devices and sit down with a good book. I was an English major in college and I had to FORCE myself to read something because I had come to the realization that I had, in fact, stopped reading after I graduated college.

Before I knew it, I was 70 pages in and relieved. It felt good to do something that I used to enjoy so much and find that it was something I still very much enjoyed. That being said, I had to make a mental note to myself that reading was one of those necessary things I HAVE to make time for because of how much happiness it brings me.

Back to the article and it’s relevancy, it turned out to be a list of things that happen or things you realize once you graduate and start to “grow up.” Aside from the title catching my eye, something else stuck with me. #6 on the list read, “You forget the value of ‘touch’ later on.” It sounded weird but went on to ask, “When was the last time you played in the rain? When was the last time you sat on a sidewalk and looked closely at the cracks, the rocks, the dirt, the one weed growing between the concrete and the grass nearby?” When I read that, I could feel the warm sidewalk on the back of my legs even though it had been ages since the last time I had done that and also, it’s still winter and I was sitting in an office chair.

I thought I’d share the article in it’s entirety because it’s important to pay attention to the small stuff. To do more things that make you happy when you’re not busy working, or spending time with family, or “growing up”.  It made me feel good to be reminded of certain things; that you can still be an adult and make time for small things that bring you joy, and also, that other people are experiencing the same thoughts and realizations. Work, and success, and family and friends, are all important pieces to our puzzle but don’t forget: read a book, go for a walk, use your imagination, sit on the sidewalk, and most importantly… #14. NOTHING FEELS AS GOOD AS SOMETHING YOU DO FROM THE HEART.

Morgan Armijo
Marketing & Office Assistant
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